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EAN-Strichcode: 0305394490353

High quality UV printing with a possible height of 20mm x 180mm

Product specifications:

• Sign (with protective film - please remove before use) with approx. 240 x 240 mm

• highly transparent, does not fog up

Material conforms to medical standards and can be easily cleaned with detergents and disinfectants.

• corresponds to point 4. Work equipment / work outdoors in accordance with WKO guidelines / broadcast RS10 -BLg- trading instructions social partner COVID 19

• CE-compliant production, protective screen made of PET-G based on medical guidelines

Areas of application:

• For men, women, children and glasses wearers

• For sales staff (cash desk, advice, service ...)

• For service providers (hairdresser, masseur, cosmetics ...)

• For production personnel (factory workers, foremen ...)

• For construction workers (foremen, foremen, artisans ...)

• For medical assistants (pharmacy, doctor reception, first aiders ...)

Instructions for use and care:

• Remove the outer protective film from the label before first use

• Clean with disinfectant or soapy water after each use

youtube video for better explanation.

Orders over 5,000 pieces by email at:

Attached is the link to our Youtube for production in Neutal

All videos are owned by the FT TEC Group and its subsidiaries. Any publication requires written approval from the FT TEC TEAM.

Anmerkung: Wir, als Unternehmen der FT TEC Gruppe sind nicht verantworlich für Verordnungen. Das FACEshield ist seit 1. Mai als Alternative zu den MNS Verordnung zulässig

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