Fully made in Austria. Immediately available. Easy cleaning. Ultralight & comfortable. Also for users with glasses & hearing aids.

1. Face shield

• Visor made of high quality PET-G film
approved to be used in healthcare enviroments (0.75 to 1mm)

• reusable
• Cleaning with disinfectant and soapy water possible
• environmentally friendly
• recyclable

2. Carrier system

• made of high quality plastic (PET-G, POM or PP)
• ergonomic design

3. Highly elastic band

• (20-25mm) interchangeable and easily available
• Comfort without pressure points
• snug fit

Developed and produced in Austria

Our protective shields are of a high quality material, easy to clean and disinfect and perfect for glasses wearers and hearing aid users.

Due to the current COVD-19 situation, we decided to develop a new method of face protection. Our visors are designed for multiple uses, making them a far more environmentally friendly and versatile option than disposable face protection like face masks.

Our Promise. Highest Quality Standard
The materials used to produce our Faceshield are widely known in medical technology.

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Austria: from € 7.20 

EU: from € 18 

Reusable face shields - different fits

Faceshield Mini

Faceshield ECO

Faceshield Premium

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