FACEshield PREMIUM with more ALL-ROUND protection

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FACESHIELD Premium (better all-round protection) - Made in Austria (guaranteed)

Facial visor against direct droplet transmission.

Areas of application:

  • For men, women, children and glasses wearers
  • For sales staff (cash desk, advice, service ...)
  • For service providers (hairdresser, masseur, cosmetics ...)
  • For production personnel (factory workers, foremen ...)
  • For construction workers (foremen, foremen, artisans ...)
  • For medical assistants (pharmacy, doctor reception, first aiders ...)
  • Protection against direct droplet infection
  • High wearing comfort due to low weight
  • Made with high quality injection molding technologies
  • Also suitable for glasses wearers
  • Adjustable size with rubber bands
  • 100 % Austrian product
  • In the fight against Covid-19

    Developed and manufactured in Austria by FT-TEC


    Face mask to protect against disease transmission through direct droplet infection (e.g. COVID-19). Suitable for men, women, children and glasses wearers to protect face and eyes against direct droplet infection. Light and transparent design, highly elastic transparent film with an extra-wide field of vision, including head holder system and adjustable rubber band.

    Product specifications:

  • Sign (with protective film - please remove before use) with approx. 395 x 240 mm
  • highly transparent, does not fog up
  • Head support system made of high quality injection molded part and materials
  • Elastic band for size adjustment (suitable for children and adults)
  • extends from the forehead to under the chin
  • Extremely light for great comfort (90 to 120 grams)
  • corresponds to point 4. Work equipment / work outdoors in accordance with WKO guidelines / broadcast RS10 -BLg- trading instructions social partner COVID 19
  • CE-compliant production, protective screen made of PET-G based on medical guidelines
  • Instructions for use and care:

  • Remove the outer protective film from the label before first use
  • Press the label onto the head mounting system
  • Set the desired size with a rubber band
  • Clean with disinfectant or soapy water after each use
  • Orders:

    Visit our web shop at: www.faceshield.at

    Orders over 5,000 pieces by email at: order@ft-tec.com

    Easy installation:

    HIGH-TECH material:

    Youtube of the assembly:

    YOUR FACEshield response team


    Videos are owned by the FT TEC Group and its subsidiaries.

    Any publication requires written approval from

    the FT TEC TEAM.

    Note: We, as a company of the FT TEC Group, are not responsible for regulations issued by our federal government. The face shield was included on May 1st as an alternative to the MNS.

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